Let’s start working together on your vocals from wherever you are on Planet Earth!

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If you’ve watched my vocal tips videos or if you enrolled in one of my online singing course, you’re starting to know me a bit. And maybe you’d like to have me for yourself to really work on that voice of yours!

With Singing Skype lessons or Singing Zoom (just like Skype), the World shrinks and it’s like you’re in my music studio.

As long as you have what it takes to hear and see me*, we’re good to go!

  • I use Zoom to coach my students online
  • the lessons are recorded. That way, you get access to the exercises we saw and the song we worked on together.
  • once we agreed on a time slot, the lesson has to be booked and paid 1 week in advance (or the slot is considered free for another student)
  • 30 minutes lessons is $30
  • I accept PayPal payments only as I’m working with singers from all over the world (you don’t need a PayPal account)
  • there is no refund once the lesson has been booked: if you’re sick, we can work on musicality, ear training and lots of other singing topics
  • if I cannot make it, we reschedule the lesson or you get a refund (your choice)

Next avalabilities for the lessons are now for the month of FEBRUARY 2018§

You can email me now explaining what you’re looking for so that we can already see how we can work on your vocals together.

*Here is Zoom system requirement for the video calls, we’ll connect and say hi! before your lesson to make sure your equipment is OK