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Vocal Exercise | Sexy Head Voice for Intermediate / Advanced (video)

Here is a Vocal Exercise I call the Breathy Sexy Head Voice!

It is for intermediate / advanced vocalists who already know how to sing in a clear and powerful head voice.

We are going to add a sexy flavor to your head voice by applying a bit of air on the top of your vocals.

You’ll find the Breathy Sexy Head Voice in many songs like Donna Summer’s Love to Love You Baby or the Bee Gee’s Staying Alive.

Some may call it FALSETTO… but not everyone agrees on this!

Keep in mind that it is not intended for a “whole song” singing but that the Breathy Sexy Head Voice is an embellishment.

And embellishment are like icing sugar on a cake. Just a pinch is nice and taste good, too much and you choke on it 😉

I’ll see you next week,