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Pros and Cons of Online Singing Courses (video)

Wondering whether to enroll or not? Here are the Pros and Cons of Online Singing Courses!


You can learn WHENEVER you want

Maybe the vocal coach you’d like to work with is not available the same time as you are. Your schedules don’t match? Well, with online courses, you can learn to sing when it suits you best!

You can learn at YOUR OWN PACE

Maybe you can learn 3 days a week but only for half an hour and the vocal coach you’d like to work with only does a 1 hour lesson a week. With the online singing courses, you can schedule your own lessons.

Just a tip: of course if you only have 15 minutes a week to work on your vocals, that might be a problem :p

You can learn WHEREVER you are

We don’t always have the vocal coach we’d like to work with in our area. Maybe you only have a local classical teacher and he’s not really into POP or R’N’B and vice versa…

From home, from your holiday rental, as long as you have a good internet connection to watch and listen to the videos, that’s fine! With online courses, you can improve your singing WHEREVER you are!

You’re on a BUDGET

Because online courses are not a 1-to-1 course that takes the energy and the time of your vocal coach for your eyes only, the price is much more affordable.

If you’re budget is tight right now, that doesn’t mean you cannot work on your vocals and improve your singing! Online Singing Courses can really help you.

And when you’ll have the money, you’ll be good to go to that vocal coach you wanted to work with. You will not be starting from scratch, which will make you save time and money with the coach 😉


You will not get a professional advice except if

…except if you choose an Online Course with a 1-to-1 vocal coaching included.

Like, there can be the course plus a group coaching session or a private coaching session so you can ask questions if you did not understand something. The vocal coach will help and guide you.

You need the technology

…for online courses! OK, it is obvious but if do not have a good internet connection allowing you to watch videos, to listen to mp3s or videos or to post anything, then of course, online courses will not be your choice.

You need to do the job by yourself

as there will not be a coach to assign you things to work on or to ask you if you worked on your vocals. If you procrastinate, you will have paid the course for nothing, hugh!

You can then choose an online singing course with the vocal coaching included.

You can miss out on local opportunities

Sometimes, local singing teachers have a great network and it can be the opportunity for you to perform, to sing in front of other students, to meet musicians.


Now you should know if it is for you or not! And remember, you can always combine or overlap the kind of courses you’ll take in your life. Start with online singing courses then start Skype lessons or in person lessons…

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