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Ah Oui Je Vois: “Rock means a kind of emotional and state of emergency interpretation”

Ah Oui Je Vois won our 1st Instagram Song Contest. Check out his “Happy Together” cover and his interview below!

Hi Ah Oui Je Vois! Congratulations, you won our Instagram Spring Song Contest, can you tell us why you chose to enter the contest?

I am really happy to have won the contest. At first I was attracted by the fact to sing a song that everybody could know, even in a personal interpretation. Cover songs have always been a great way to discover new artists.

Do you often sing cover songs?

I used to sing a lot of cover songs. Past years I had a band dedicated to play that kind of songs in Concert Pub/Bar. Right now I continue to study and learn the favorite songs that I find on internet radio.

What’s your favorite music style and do you have a music « guru »?

I think rock is my none surprising favorite music style. But for me, rock means a kind of emotional and state of emergency interpretation. It doesn’t mean electrical guitar or power drums.

I feel a lot of “rock” in rap music (e.g. Jay Z, Beat Assaillant) , electronical (Skrillex, Freedom Fighters) even Amy Winehouse or Sam Cook fill my rock’taste.

I don’t have a regular music guru, it has change during the years, but I can say from Freddie Mercury (Queen) to Olga (The Toy Dolls).

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When did you start singing? How did it all begin?

I started to open my mouth (in more or less harmonious sounds) as a background vocalist for a band in 2005. Five years later I started to sing as lead singer (and also bassist) in a band that I created with friends to professionalize our way to play (touring, recording song, playing cover).

Do you play an instrument? Do you think it helps with your singing or do you think it’s the opposite and it’s difficult for you to play while singing?

I play guitar, bass guitar, double bass and keyboard. Playing and singing required more practice, because of those two things to manage (thanks Captain Obvious!). But in the end it helps to “not only focus” on the voice and let go the power of music !

How do you take care of your voice? Have you ever worked with a vocal coach?

I try not to sing out loud directly when I wake up (but sometimes I do!). I don’t drink alcohol before show and…that’s all.

I’ve been working with a vocal coach for one year. She’s very technical and attentive to every sounds that I make with my voice. I recommend to do that kind of daily or weekly work. I quickly had better results since I started to work like that.

Would you say your voice is: your best friend, your best enemy, a refuge, an outlet?

My voice is not my enemy neither my friend, it’s something part of me. So I could say an outlet or maybe more a kind of gate, the door to the freedom.

I’ve heard there was an album on the way, can you tell us a little bit more about it?

The first album of AhOuiJeVois is almost done. The songs are gonna talk about pressure and oppression with emotional voice, razzle-dazzle arrangement,  alternating density sounds and release. I’m excited to play that live.

Where can we connect with you and stay in touch with your music?

You can find my music on my YouTube channel (ahouijevois) or on Instagram (ahouijevois). I also have a Facebook page (ahouijevois) and a website

I’m gonna start to make several concert in France and Europe and I’ll continue to make more and more noise and music on the social media and in the real life beyond the internet.


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