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How To Know If You’re Using Head Voice? (video)

head or chest voice

A little tip to know whether you’re using head or chest voice

Did you try? Did it work?

Lots of people don’t have a clue of what is chest voice, what is head voice.  How it was labelled just makes it difficult to know what it means. Is the head voice produced inside the head? Is the chest voice produced in my chest? Do we have several music boxes? I’ve heard them all 🙂

So, no, we only have 1 music box, the one where your vocal folds/chords stand. The only difference is about resonance.

When you’re using chest voice, the voice you generally speak with, the resonance goes down. You can feel the vibrations in your chest and even your back ribs.

When you’re using head voice, your chords are thin, the vibrations and resonance go up (up to your head).

Hope that helps!

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