Vocal Warm-Up

Vocal Warm-Up Day 1

Lesson 1

Here is the 1st day of this Vocal Warm-Up Week!

I hope I find you in a good physical condition and you're ready to sing along with me.

In today's video, we'll warm-up on:

  • a Major chord exercise singing Mah Mah Mah: relax your jaw, try to lengthen your vowels and switch to head voice as soon as it's getting difficult (we're warming up, we're not working on your chest voice power or your mixed voice)
  • a Third interval exercise singing On My Way: relax your jaw each time you sing the "My", don't sing staccato but legato (connect the words in a smooth way) and try to lengthen the "Way".

If you'd like to start with some sirens (humming or lips bubbles), you can start with this video I posted a few weeks ago: Vocal Warm-Up After a Singing Break then come back to today's video.