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7 Vocal Reboot, your daily dose of singing exercises!
New on the site: 7 Vocal Reboot, your daily dose of singing exercises! I've decided to make this sequence available[...]
The Vocal Warm-Up Series | 15 min Vocal Warm-Up for ALL Voices
Here is the last episode of the Vocal Warm-Up Series: a 15 min vocal warm-up for ALL voices. Warming up[...]
4 Tips to Impress at Any Audition
The last 15 years, I've helped prepared lots of students* for auditions. The ones that made it were good singers[...]
The Vocal Warm-Up Series | Vocal Warm Ups for Singing
Here is the 1st episode of The Vocal Warm-Up Series! What do you think about warming up? Do you think[...]
Sharing My Happy Voice Blogging Story on ProBlogger Podcast
If you're into blogging or if you'd like to start a blog, wether you're a coach, a work at home[...]
Vocal Exercise | Agility and Pronunciation | Mine & Yours
In this Vocal Exercise Agility and Pronunciation Mine & Yours, we're gonna improve our vocal folds agility together with our[...]
The Truth About Vocal Range (video)
How many octaves do you sing? Do you wish you could sing more notes? In this video, I'm telling you[...]
Improve Your Singing With Phrasing! (video)
In this video, you'll learn how to Improve Your Singing With Phrasing. Do you know we can tell a great[...]
Pros and Cons of Online Singing Courses (video)
Wondering whether to enroll or not? Here are the Pros and Cons of Online Singing Courses! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vEY186iqVEo&t=25s THE PROs OF[...]
Vocal Warm-Up Along (video)
Vocal Warm-Up Along with me! Follow me in this video as I'm getting my voice warmed up before rehearsing a[...]
Spring Song Contest 2017 WINNER
And the WINNER is... Ah oui Je vois! For our 1st INSTAGRAM Spring Song Contest, it's a happy hippie song[...]
Vocal Exercise for Pitch Accuracy & Vocal Flexibility (video)
Hey Singers! Here is a vocal exercise to work on your pitch accuracy and your vocal flexibility so you can[...]
How to Start Singing? | The 4 Major Steps to Singing (video)
  OK, so you're starting singing from scratch and you haven't been singing your heart out since Third grade. No[...]


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