Welcome to My Happy Voice or should I say YOUR Happy Voice!

On this website, you will find everything I’ve learned in my 30-years singing career. Yes! You’ve read it, 30 years…

I started singing professionally at the age of 14 y.o. when instead of registering for a classical ballet class, my mom read in the town newspaper a new Musical Theater School was going to open. I auditioned and I got signed by a producer a few months later. Since then, I’ve never stopped singing.

I also never stopped teaching. I remember earning my first notes teaching maths. Well, it started with maths but then there was English when I was in Paris, then French when I was living in London and, of course, singing.

It’s a funny story the way I started vocal coaching. I’ll tell you all about it another day, promise!

But hey! Why are you on my website? You must be looking for something specific, something that has to do with vocals, singing, breathing, confidence, performance, auditions…? Right?

I’m gonna tell you something: if what you’re looking for is not on My Happy Voice yet, if you have a singing related question, reach out to me! Honestly, I’ll be glad to help and I will even thank you because it will give me new ideas for my VLOG videos 🙂